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Complete Game Listing of 2018 Little League Regional and World Series Games - July 21 - August 26

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Peachtree City Little League - Southeast Region Little League Baseball Champions

Congratulations to Peachtree City Little League

2018 Southeast Little League Baseball Champions!

Schedule and Viewing Information Below:

Little League Baseball World Series in Williamsport, PA, August 16 - 26

2018 Georgia Little League Baseball Champions - Peachtree City Little League

Welcome to Georgia District 4 Little League

Welcome to Georgia District 4 Little League! We will do our best to keep you up-to-date with rules/regulation changes, clinic/training information, tournament news and special events.

You may contact any of the leagues directly through their links below or contact the District Administrator, Linda North, if you would like information about starting a league in your area.

Peachtree City

Little League

South Fulton

Little League

West Coweta

Little League

West Point

Little League

Use the map to the right to determine if you live outsite our district and want information for your local area. Clicking the map will take you to the Georgia State website.

Georgia Little League Announces State Tournament Dates and Sites

Note: Visit the GA Tournament Tab for more information regarding schedules and information about the tournaments. Click the "Regional Site" for the link to the Regional Bracket and scores.

Division of Play

Georgia Champion

Regional Site Report Date
7/8 Rookie Baseball Smyna Blue - D2 None
7/8 Rookie Softball Hart County - D7 None
8/9 Sandlot Baseball Vine Ingle - D5 None
8-10 Baseball Northern - D8 Greenville, NC July 20
9-11 Baseball Smyrna - D2 Greenville, NC July 28
10-12 Major Baseball Peachtree City - D4 Warner Robins August 2
50/70 Baseball Martinez-Evans - D6 Kernersville, NC July 19
Junior Baseball Elbert County - D6 Ft. Myers, FL August 2
Senior Baseball Martinez-Evans - D6 Safety Harbor, FL July 20
8-10 Softball Bartow County - D1 Clarksville, TN July 20
10-12 Major Softball Harris County - D1 Warner Robins, July 25
Junior Softball Oglethorpe County - D6 Salisbury, NC July 19
Senior Softball West Point - D4 Salisbury, NC July 19

HIt and Run Baseball - Great Format for Fall Ball!

Major League Baseball and USA Baseball announced "Hit and Run Baseball" on Monday, a program supporting modified forms of the game that enable players to develop their skills in a more interactive format while also promoting player health and safety.

Hit and Run Baseball is part of the Play Ball initiative, and it will serve youth leagues, tournament providers and amateur coaches with recommended game formats that can be easily applied at all levels of youth and amateur baseball. Leagues and coaches can also create their own modified rules to best suit their individual league, tournament or team needs.

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My Outburst Embarrassed Everyone

I was all fired up as I sat in the third-base bleachers behind our dugout. I didn't think the opposing manager was playing fair. My son's manager would give signs to the catcher, who would then relay what pitch to throw. The opposing manager would then yell a comment to the hitter. When our manager called a fastball, the other manager would yell "quick bat." When a change-up was called, he'd yell "keep your weight back." I watched it all game, and complained to a few other parents. They didn't seem to believe me or care. One father pointed out that manager was yelling other things like "nothing high," "protect the plate," "wait for your pitch." It didn't matter. I was convinced he was stealing signs.

In the fourth inning, their pitcher hit two straight batters. My son was up next. A fastball nicked his elbow. The opposing manager called time, and walked to the mound. When he didn't make a pitching change, I yelled, "He has to come out! That's the rule!" My wife told me to be quiet. "That's the rule!" I yelled again. The manager looked over at me before he went in the dugout. Our manager was coaching third base. He turned around, and said, "John, it's not a rule. Relax." Read More......

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