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Little League Notebook - Newsletter for League Officials

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Little League Notebook is a monthly publication geared towards local Little League presidents, board members and volunteers that provides articles, resources and editorial content focusing on real life situations within local Little Leagues, that can be applied to our own league's day-to-day operations.

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Things to Do in November

  1. Conduct your annual background checks on volunteers and Board members
  2. Start working on your 2019 ASAP Plan
  3. Find ways to get parents involved with your league
  4. Help parents understand where the local league finances go
  5. Help parents understand League Age and Age Determination Dates
  6. Prepare end-of-year financials
  7. Consider applying for a Little League Grow the Grant Program
  8. Use Fall Ball for Recruiting, Training, and Improving Mechanics
  9. Update your league's website and overall web presence
  10. Find an upcoming event in your area

Important Year-End Data Center Tasks

League Chartering has officially launched, but there are a few items that your league should take action on in the Data Center before officially chartering:

  • Update all League Officers for 2019 to ensure accurate communications
  • Review 2018 team information to ensure they are accurately reflected
  • Pay outstanding balances from the 2018 season
  • Verify League Information and website URL
  • Prepare for Insurance renewal before policies expire on January 1
  • Learn about Combined Teams/Interleague Play Opportunities
  • Once officially chartered, be sure to update your team numbers after registration