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Little League Notebook - Newsletter for League Officials

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Little League Notebook is a monthly publication geared towards local Little League presidents, board members and volunteers that provides articles, resources and editorial content focusing on real life situations within local Little Leagues, that can be applied to our own league's day-to-day operations.

A Look Back at Little League® Baseball and Softball in 2018

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Little League District Administrators Tell Their Stories - video

Welcome to the Grove - video

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Things to Do in November

  1. Local League Operational Guide
  2. League Resource Guide
  3. Forms and Publications
  4. Season-End Financial Tips
  5. Look at ways to help raise money for your local league
  6. Stay up-to-date with the Child Protection Program
  7. Understand the new Safe Sport Law and how it applies to you
  8. Know how to properly close down your facility for the year
  9. See if your league could qualify for the Little League Grow the Grant Program
  10. Request an equipment grant from Pitch in for Baseball and Softball
  11. Take a look at your league's website and overall web presence
  12. Find an upcoming Little League event in your area