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Little League University for League Officials

Little League International has created many videos and tutorials designed to help Local League Officers understand their roles in the league better and become more efficient in carrying out their duties. Below are links to the many subjects covered by Little League University for League Officers. Additional videos/tutorials can be found under the Parents, Players, Coaches and Umpires Tabs.

Little League University Don't Let This Happen Resource Guide
2015 Little League PSA Player Eligibility Player Safety
Tournament Your Video on YouTube Monthly Operation Reminders
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Videos and Tutorials

Annual Meeting and Election Procedures

Board of Director Roles and Duties

Conflict Resolution

Constitution and Local League Bylaws

Divisions of Play


Event Planning

Fall Ball

Field Maintenance


League Operations

Marketing and Fundraising


Registration and Regular Season Paperwork

Risk Management and Insurance

Rules and Regulations



Tournament Prep

Tryouts and Drafts

Volunteers: Managers, Coaches, Umpires, Other Volunteers