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Welcome to District 4 and our Little League family!    Our leagues offer both baseball and softball to children from 4 - 18 years of age.  
We also provide a Challenger program to all children with developmental and/or physical disabilities.   The Challenger program offers children an excellent opportunity to enjoy the game of baseball and enhance social skills.   

Georgia Little League 2014 State Tournament Dates
The state tournament start dates have been decided for 2014.  Decisions on sites are still being finalized.
9/10 Baseball 7/12   D8           Senior Baseball 7/12   D6
10/11 Baseball 7/12 D3   Big League Baseball 7/5 Habersham LL
Little League Baseball 7/19 Warner Robins LL   9/10, 10/11, Little League Softball 7/12 West Point LL
Intermediate Baseball 7/12 TBD   Junior, Senior Softball 7/12 D7
Junior Baseball 7/12 D2      
PCA Message of the Week

Honor the Game by Showing Respect for your Opponents.   Without opponents, we would have no game. A good opponent makes us do our best. Sometimes opponents are our friends.  Respect your opponents, and remember they want to have fun just like us.  Try your hardest to win, not because you hate your opponent, but because you want to play your best.  Show respect for opposing coaches and teams and they will probably do the same.

District 4 Offers Big League Baseball Division 
District 4 will offer Big League Baseball for its 13th year.   Big League Baseball provides players ages 15 - 18 an affordable and fun baseball program.  With 6 State Championships from the District 4 team and an additional State Championship from the district's West Point team, there is plenty of competition.
2013 Bat Resource Page
Little League has updated its bat rules for 2013. Please review the Baseball Bat Resource page detail prior to purchasing any new equipment.  All softball bats must be clearly labeled with a BPF of 1.20.
Winner vs Loser
The Winner is Always part of the Answer - The Loser is Always part of the Problem
The Winner Always has a Program - The Loser Always has an Excuse
The Winner says "Let me do it for you" - The Loser says "That's not my job"
The Winner sees an Answer for every Problem - The Loser sees a Problem for every Answer
The Winner sees a Homerun for every at bat - The Loser expects two or three errors for every play
The Winner says "It may be difficult, but it's possible" - The Loser says "It may be possible, but it's too difficult"
Are you a Winner?


 Recent News 
10/31/13 Why Kids are Losing Interest in Baseball
09/27/13 Sunshine Village Challenger Eagles receive red-carpet treatment from Boston Red Sox at Fenway Park
Red Sox gives Challenger players a day at the park with behind-the-scenes activities with team players.
09/24/13 Rangers, restaurant owner helping Arlington league recover from theft
Texas Rangers players' helping local league with fundraising after theft depleted their treasury.
09/24/13 Staten Island kids take in Little League World Series festivities
Dick's Sporting Goods treats Staten Island Little Leaguers to a day at the Little League World Series.
09/23/13 After 57 years, Roberts retires as D-24 leader
Pennsylvania District Administrator retires after 57 years of volunteer service to Little League.
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Counting Down to June 6, 2014
Happy 40th to Little League Softball!
Happy 25th to Little League Challenger!


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