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Play Ball! | MLB

Major League Baseball wants everyone to have the opportunity to play the game of baseball regardless of age, ability, or facilities.

USA Baseball, the governing body for all U.S. amateur baseball, has created the USA Baseball Amateur Resource Center (ARC) in cooperation with MLB. On the ARC website, one will find:

  • Online Education Courses for coaches, parents, players, umpires
  • USA Baseball Mobile Coach app which features on-the-go practice guides
  • Health and Safety articles

Amateur Resource Center

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USA Baseball Mobile Coach: App features drill library with baseball specific drill documents and videos; ability to create practice plans; Pitch Smart Counter

Pitch Smart: A series of practical, age-appropriate guidelines to help parents, players and coaches avoid overuse injuries and foster long, healthy careers for youth pitchers.

Positive Coaching Alliance: PCA strives to create a Development Zone culture, where the goal is to develop Better Athletes, Better People and where the prevailing models in youth and high school sports are: The Double-Goal Coach, The Second-Goal Parent, and the Triple-Impact Competitor.



Coaches: Online Education includes the free Confident Baseball Coach course, hosted by manager of the Chicago Cubs, Joe Maddon, which introduces ways in which coaches can have a more positive impact on each of thier players.

Players and Parents: Online Education includes the free Play Ball Parent course, hosted by General Manager of the Kansas City Royals, Dayton Moore, which provides parents with resources to ensure their children are having a positive experience within the game of baseball.

Umpires: Online Education includes the free Introduction to Umpiring course, hosted by Major League Umpire, Dale Scott, which provides umpires with a working knowledge of basic procedures and standards within the game.



Hitting: Hitting is an artform. With all of its complexities, hitting can be difficult not only to do, but to teach as well.

  • Learn More Hitting Basics | Common Mechanical Errors | Pre-Pitch Preparation | Batting Practice Routines

Baserunning: From stepping into the box to crossing home plate, there are many situations baserunners need to be prepared for.

  • Learn More Basic Base Running | Communication Between Coach and Runner | Tips for Base Runners on Each Base | How Jackie Robinson Stole Home

Pitching: The ability for pitcher to take the mound with conficence starts well before they step onto the field. Every play begins with the pitcher.

  • Learn More Pre-Game Routine | Pre-Pitch Preparation | Biomechanics of the Delivery | Basics of the Delivery | Variations of the Fastball | The Change-Up | Holding Runners and Pick-Offs

Catching: As the quarterback of baseball, catchers are responsible for knowing and controlling every aspect of the game.

  • Learn More Leadership | Game Situations | Game Calling | Proper Stance | Receiving | Throwing Mechanics | Blocking Tips

Infield Play: There is more to fielding than getting a glove in the dirt. Footwork, positioning and communication are some of the keys for solid fielding.

  • Learn More Pre-Pitch Communication | Movement and Mechanics | Common Mechanical Errors | First Baseman | Turning a Double Play | Third Baseman

Outfield Play: Keep players in the right place to effectively patrol the outfield through skills such as situational awareness and good communication.

  • Learn More Pre-Pitch Preparation | Movement and Mechanics | Outfield Communication | Backing up Plays

Administrative: The administrative side of baseball is just as important as what happens during the game. In fact, in can help prepare a team to take the field.

  • Learn More Baseball Coaching Philosophy | Baseball Evaluations | Printable Resources

Strength and Conditioning: Proper strength and conditioning training can help better prepare athletes for game time and reduce the risk of injuries.

  • Learn More Agility Drills | Change-of-Direction Drills | Core Stengthening Exercises | Flexibility | Rotator Cuff Program