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May, 2022

Longest Game in LLWS History

Unforgettable ending to a game tied for the longest in #LLWS history.   Southeasts Region vs West Region.   Watch the replay of this 2018 World Series Game.   


May, 2022

Kidpower Free Workshop - June 2

Kidpower is offering a Free Workshop, Thursday, June 2 on School Shootings:  How Do We Protect Our Kids?  More information and Registration


May, 2022

Treat Young Athletes Age-Appropriately

Young athletes are not mini-adults and need a different teaching method than used for adults.


May, 2022

Kick Up Your Heels!

Every player should be able to enjoy the moment.   As a manager or coach, are you making sure your players are enjoying the game as well as learning the game?  The mark of a great manager/coach is how many players return for the next season.


May, 2022

Advice from Coach K

You can't win every game, but you can learn form every game."   Coach K


May, 2022

Check Out the New Policies if Visiting World Series this Summer!

New Bag Policy    -   Accessing the Complex   -   Parking and Transportation  Permitted/Prohibited Items   -   Tickets and Seating  Museum Access and Complex Re-Entry   Read more ......


May, 2022

Little League's Background Check Requirements

Learn more about Little League's background check requirements and the steps your league needs to take:  Background Checks - Little League


Apr, 2022

Talent Zones: 10 Tools to Help Kids Develop Their Talents

This podcast covers topics such as embracing failure as an opportunity, providing opportunities for deep practice, building realistic optimism, managing pressure and developing grit ro help kids fulfill their potential. Watch the podcast.


Apr, 2022

Check Player Residency

All players desiring to participate within your league must meet the eligibility requirements of Regulation II - League Boundaries.   Learn More.....


Apr, 2022

2022 Little League Days at MLB Parks

Little League Days offers leagues fundraising opportunities, participation in pregame parade, opportunity to be the Braves Honorary Team Captain, and more.   Call 404-577-9100, option 3, to speak with an Account Executive and set your Day at the Park!

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