• Mandatory Managers' Briefing:  Tuesday, June 20 at 7 pm at West Point Gymnasium, 1201 Avenue D, West Point.  Coin Toss for Home and Visitor.

    Umpire Briefing: Saturday, June 22 at 9 am at West Point Gymnasium, 1201 Avenue D, West Point.  

    West Point Athletic fields for 8-10 and 10-12 are located at 1110 Avenue C, West Point.
    West Point Athletic field for Juniors is located at 1007 Avenue D, West Point.

    Reminder of 2023 Rule Changes 
    1.  All Managers/Coaches must have completed the Diamond Leader Training and submit the Certificate of Completion with team paperwork.
    2.  There may be 3 adults in the dugout regardless of the number of players at the game site.
    3.  Junior Division and below may permit a "courtesy runner" for the pitcher or catcher of record when there are 2 outs.  The courtesy runner must be the player who made the last out.
    4.  Continuous Batting Order:  All players on the roster present at the start of the game will appear in the batting order.  Players may be entered or re-entered defensively at any time during the game.
    5.  Play-Calling Name Bands are allowed on the wrist or forearm; pitchers may place on non-pitching arm.
    6.  Jewelry:  Hard items to control the hair are allowed.
    7.  Intentional Walk:  Defense may elect to "intentionally walk" the batter with an announcement to the umpire, prior to or during the at-bat.  A player may be intentionally walked only 1 time per game.

  • 2024 D4 Junior Baseball Tournament

    Game  DateTimeField Team  Team
    1June 2210:15 am John Hoggs West Point     vsPTCLL     
    June 221:15 pm John Hoggs West Point      vsPTCLL     
    3  "if"June 246:30 pmJohn Hoggs West Point vsPTCLL


    2023 Junior Baseball District 4 Champion

    2023 D4 Junior Baseball Champions - Peachtree City Little League

    West Point Junior Baseball Unsung Hero - Colton
    Peachtree City Junior Baseball Unsung Hero - Dean

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    Georgia District 4 Little League

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