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Apr, 2022

Check Player Residency

This notice is to remind your league that all players desiring to participate within your league must meet the eligibility requirements of Regulation II - League Boundaries. It is recommended that your league verify all player eligibility within your league for the season, ensuring players are qualified for the regular season and possible selection to the International Tournament season in the months ahead.

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NOTE: It is recommended that your league require some proof of residence or school attendance within the league's boundaries at the time the player registers.

If your league were to discover that a player is registered within your league, and not meeting the eligibility requirements of Regulation II, please be aware of the waiver request process that is available for your league to request through the District Administrator and Regional Office. Here are some things to remember:

  • A waiver cannot be applied for by a parent or player. It must be applied for by the local league.
  • When a request is first presented, the local league Board of Directors votes on whether to request the waiver.
  • If the local league Board of Directors votes to request the waiver, the League President writes a letter/email, detailing the request. Supporting documents, including a request from the parent/guardian is included and forwarded to the league's District Administrator. The District Administrator includes his/her written opinion and forwards all documents to the appropriate Region office.
  • The Region Office staff will then present the situation/request to the Little League International Charter Committee for review and action.
  • The Charter Committee will alert the Region Office of its decision, and the Region staff will inform the District Administrator and local league of the decision.

If you need assistance or clarification with player eligibility, please reach out to your District Administrator and/or Region Office. Continued best wishes for a very successful 2022 Little League season.

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