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Dec, 2023

Coming in 2025

Coming in 2025

Starting with the 2025 season, children at the youngest level of the Little League® Baseball and Softball program (League Age 4-7) throughout the United States will have the ability to register for any Little League program they choose, without respect to any geography- or school-related eligibility requirements. Those players who register under this option will also be fully eligible to participate in all aspects of league play, including International Tournament play, for the duration of their Little League careers provided they have continuous and unbroken participation from the time they are League Age seven within the specific league where initially registered and provided all other participation eligibility requirements have been met.

Starting in 2025, Players League Age 4-7 can play in any league of their family’s choice.

As part of this strategic change, which is detailed in Little League’s Regulation II as found in the Little League Rulebook App, players League Age 8-16 as of the 2025 season (born on or before September 1, 2017, for Baseball or January 1, 2017, for Softball) will continue to utilize the current boundary requirement based on residency or school enrollment.

Opportunities and waivers will continue to be available as an option for players should they be interested in switching leagues that are outside of these requirements, based on approval and potential stipulations from the Little League International Charter Committee.

In an effort to assist these families at these youngest divisions to choose the best league for their situation, as well as to further support the administrative needs of our local league volunteers, Little League International will also be launching a Central Registration Platform, which will be mandatory for leagues to use starting with the 2025 season, at

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