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May, 2024

2024 Tournament Enrollment Now Open

The Little League® International Tournament is a unique and special opportunity for Little Leaguers® to make fun and impactful memories, as each league’s baseball and softball teams come together to represent its community.

Officially opened on May 1, local leagues wishing to enroll tournament teams at all levels of the Little League International Tournament may now do so through the Little League Data Center. League Presidents, Vice Presidents, Secretaries, and Treasurers are all able to complete Tournament Enrollment for their leagues. Make sure your officer information is current and accurate within the Little League Data Center.

  • This year, the tournament entry fee for teams at the Little League, Intermediate (50/70), Junior League, and Senior League divisions of play will be $300. The Tournament Entry Fee for the 8- to 10-Year-Old and 9- to 11-Year-Old divisions is $150. As a reminder, 100% of the funds raised through these fees are used to help offset the direct financial assistance that Little League International gives to leagues for teams advancing to Region and World Series tournaments. It's also important to note that any mileage reimbursement for these levels of play will only be available for teams advancing to Region Tournaments.
  • All leagues that have an outstanding balance of $250 or greater will not be able to enroll in the 2024 Little League International tournament. Your league may experience restrictions with tournament eligibility and be unable to enroll until the league’s insurance is paid and in effect. Visit the Little League Data Center to review this information.
  • The Little League® Diamond Leader Program has brought a heightened level of education to nearly 100,000 local volunteers already and remains a requirement for all tournament coaches and managers to complete. As a reminder, completion of this course is only needed to be done one time and is not required to be renewed annually.

The Tournament Resources page at is up to date for the 2024 tournament season and will continue to be the best place for tips, resources, and information all summer long. You are strongly encouraged to review this material prior to the first tournament games.

Important Reminders

  • The release of names of players selected for the tournament team shall not be made before May 15 and not until availability and eligibility of all prospective team members have been established. Try-outs and practices by tournament teams shall not be held before May 15.
  • June 1 is the deadline for leagues to be chartered, have all waiver requests submitted and approved, have team number revisions and fees paid in full, and have all combined teams and interleague play requests that may involve tournament play, as well as any tournament combinations, must be submitted and approved.
  • Leagues that intend to host any Little League International Tournament games at or above the district level, by Little League Tournament rule, must have an approved ASAP plan.
  • We also want to ensure your tournaments are fully stocked with the official Little League World Series baseball and softballs. Our official ball supplier, A.D. STARR is offering top items to help you prepare for Tournament Season, including the official baseballs and softballs of the Little League World Series. If you have not already done so, register on to receive discounts for your league.
  • The 2024 Tournament Affidavit will be available through the Little League Data Center beginning on May 15.

As always, leagues participating at all levels of the Little League International Tournament will have the support of the Region Centers and the Little League International Tournament Committee for protests and tournament issues, as needed. Our staff is here to support you throughout this tournament season, and we encourage you to contact Little League Help Center or contact Little League Support with questions.

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